VirtualHere license – 50% discount

Hier klicken für die deutsche Version!

Please note right at the beginning: The arrangement for the discounted VirtualHere-License is ONLY FOR GAMERS with a Shadow Cloud PC or SimRacers! Therefore, you’ll need a password. If you don’t have it, then you have to buy your license on for the usual price!

With VirtualHere you can access your Wheel (and of course every other kind of USB-device) over your local network and over the internet on a different device. Very useful for every shadow-user who has problems with the inbuilt „USB over IP“-function.
It’s available for different platforms! You will find all the information on

I tested it and it works so nicely that I use it for SimRacing!

Download the server-version HERE and run it on the very device to which your USB-
device is plugged locally.
Download HERE the client-version and run it on the very device which should access your USB-device via remote.

You will find some How-To’s later here.

The trial version is for free – with one limitation: You can only access ONE USB-device. You can change the device – so if you always need one device, you’re OK (except of Android because the Android trial version will only work three times). You can test every device in the trial version, which is useful. But do you want to use two or more devices at the same time, you usually have to purchase the full version for $49 (USD), which is by far the cheapest possibility I’ve found. Alternatives are much more expensive.

BUT WAIT: SimRacingMonk saves your day! ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY HERE you can purchase VirtualHere with 50% discount! To purchase a license key for $24,50 (USD), fill in the form you will find below.

Attention!!! Before you purchase, please test every USB-device you want to use with virtualhere!

To be fair: There are two scenarios when you should not purchase it here. 1. If you want to use it for Steam Link. There is a special version for Steam Link (and only for Steam Link) on steam. 2. If you want to use it on Steam Link and Android. Steam Link users get an Android license automatically.
In every other case, you are right with this deal!

All fields must be filled. The data is only to provide an invoice and will not be shared with anyone.
The payment is only possible with credit card via

PLEASE NOTICE: Due to technical issues, the license key has to generated and sent manually. Please be patient. In case you did not receive your license key within 24 h, please contact me via Discord or e-mail (see bottom bar for all the ways to contact me).

- start VirtualHere Client
- Right click on "USB Hubs" (must be connected to server)
- Click on "License..."
- Click on "Copy to Clipboard"
- paste in the following box (CTRL+V or right click -> paste)